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New Format for 2017 Reunion.  Association Members and their guests met in the Victoria Bar and the President’s Room at the RAF Club for a new-format Annual Reunion on Saturday 21 October 2017. Click here to read an account of the entertaining stories told.

RAF - 100th Anniversary. The celebrations of 100 years of the RAF also marked the 100th Anniversary of 208 Sqn, formed from Naval Eight Sqn at Teteghem, near Dunkirk on the Western Front on 1st April 2018. Click here to read a short history of 208 Squadron.

The Last Piston Air Combat. 22 May 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the world’s last piston-engined air combat, in which Spitfires of 208 Squadron shot down 4 Egyptian Spitfires.  Click here to read Graham Pitchfork’s historical account of the engagement.

Robert Alexander Little. Robert Little is generally regarded as the most successful Australian flying ace, with an official tally of 47 victories. 27 May 2018 marked the 100th Anniversary of his death. Click here to read a history of one of WWI’s greatest pilots.

Tom Neil - In Memoriam. Wg Cdr Tom Neil, former Battle of Britain fighter ‘ace’ and CO of 208 Sqn between May 53 and Nov 55, passed away on 11 Jul 2018, at the age of 97. Click here to read his obituary, which first appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 13 Jul 2018.

Op Fortitude - Jordan 1958.  17 Jul 18 marks the 60th anniversary of the deployment of Hunters of 208 Squadron deployed to Amman to provide air support to British Forces. Click here to read a synopsis of the deployment, with galleries of photos from the Jordan det.

Balloon Buster 100. 29 Aug 2018 was the 100th Anniversary of Flt Lt Henry Botterell’s famous engagement with a German observation balloon, which was painted by aviation artist Robert Taylor. Click here to read about 208 Sqn’s visit to meet Henry at the age of 104.

Operation Pulsator - 1983. On 9 Sep 83, six Buccaneers of 208 and 12 Sqns deployed to RAF Akrotiri as part of Operation PULSATOR to provide air support of British Forces in the Lebanon.  Click here to read the Detachment Commander’s report.

2018 Reunion. 35 Members and their guests attended the 2018 Reunion of the Naval Eight / 208 Squadron Association in the President’s Room at the RAF Club on Saturday 20 October 2018. Click here to read an account of the 2018 Reunion Dinner.

Wg Cdr Donald Perrens 100. On New Year’s Day 2019, Wg Cdr Donald Perrens DSO, 208 Sqn’s most distinguished surviving officer, celebrated his 100th Birthday. Click here to read details of his birthday celebrations.

The Infamous Israeli Incident. 7 January 2019 marks the 70th Anniversary of the infamous incident when 4 208 Sqn Spitfire Mk XVIIIs were shot down by Israeli forces. Click here to read Graham Pitchfork’s account from his history of 208 Squadron: ‘Forever Vigilant’.

Little Memorial. On 27 May 2018, the Association Chairman, David T-Ryder, laid a wreath at a Ceremony of Remembrance, exactly 100 years to day that Flt Cdr Robert Little died from his wounds. Click HERE to read an article about the Ceremony.

A Brief Disbandment. 31 March 2019 marks the 60th Anniversary of 208 Sqn’s 4-day disbandment as a Hunter sqn in Cyprus before reforming as a Venom Squadron in Rhodesia. Click here to read Graham Pitchfork’s account of the events.

25 Years - Farewell Buccaneer. 25 years ago, the Squadron, and the Royal Air Force, said farewell to the Buccaneer at a memorable reunion at Lossiemouth at the end of March 1994. Click here to read Graham Pitchfork’s account of the final finale.

2019 Reunion Venue. The Association’s Annual Reunion is moving this year from London towards the Membership’s CofG in the Midlands. The 2019 Dinner will take place at the Grimscote Manor Hotel in Coleshill on Sat 19 Oct 19. Click here for more details.

2019 Newsletter Published. The 2019 Issue of ‘Naval 8 - 208 News’ - the Association’s Annual Newsletter - has been published in 16 colourful pages. Click here to read an electronic copy.

Operation Nutcracker. 8 June 2019 marked the 55th Anniversary of 208 Squadron’s participation in Op NUTCRACKER in the Radfan Campaign in Aden. Click here to read Tim Webb’s account of CAS operations. Click here for Major Tim Cornwell’s ground-level view.

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