208 Squadron 1965 - 1967

The Association is indebted to Doug Marr for his album of photographs and recollections of 208 Squadron between June 1965 and August 1967, herewith faithfully reproduced below.

The 208th Together.

Shortly after my arrival on the Squadron the picture to the right was taken of groundcrew and aircrew together. Pete Day and I were the most recent arrivals.

The Steely-Eyed Killers, Jockeys
- or less affectionately termed 'Breakers' by the 'Menders'.

Back Row: Andy 'Plumber' Wright, 'Jock' Watson, Bill 'Lon' Lonergan, Doug Marr, 'Dik' Davis, Paul Wilcox. John 'H-B' Howick-Baker.

Front Row: Pete Day, Barry 'Wacklepig' Wakling, John 'Jebel' Henson, Dave 'Victorian Gent' Young, 'Boss' Rhodes, Andy Maitland, John 'Plunge' Grant, Stu Eastwood, Andy 'Kiwi' Tamplin.

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