Saturday 24 December:

Pilot required to taxy aircraft for compass swing. Time: When convenient (on 24th December? - I think he was probably still at a party somewhere!).

28 December:

Barbecue Lunchtime at Episkopi, and it says: 'Fly', big notes: 'No' - exclamation mark!

30 December:

Party with the Troops.

And I have to say, you look at 31 December and there's only one little bit on there, and it says:

'No Fly - free drinks at Block 132.'

And then there's one here in January, and I couldn't work out the date. It's in January 1984:

'Jones, No Fly (again), Mouth U/S.' (because he'd been to the dentist).

So you see what kind of interesting bits, oh yes, here we are, on 19 January:

'Mahaffey requests trip today, if possible.

(I kept that one to the end - I am not sure he got one).

Apart from the Diary, I also rescued this home-made 'gizmo'. It is actually a thing called a gizmo and it's actually the way you did the different kinds of attacks. What we were using there were laser-guided bombs and laser designation pods, and this was to determine how you would best do that. It looks pretty simplistic to say the least.

For those who have been to Akrotiri, in additional to the operational profiles we used, I have one little anecdote. I flew with a guy called P Smith - not P Smith the navigator, because I wouldn't fly with him, as he's a navigator as well as me, so that would be a bit dangerous, wouldn't it? But my pilot was Pete Smith, and Pete was a young first-tourist, and he had met a lady. I don't know if she was a teacher or a nurse in Akrotiri and, of course, the rest of the guys on the Squadron had noticed that he was chatting up this lady. I was crewed with

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