2 November:

This was 'Bring 3 pounds for the Fund - TODAY'.

And then we've got on 11 November:

OCU Buccaneer Kebab Night. The Mess Bar at (actually, it originally said 06:30, then someone's written 'I suggest this must be in the evening, not in the morning to go for a kebab,' and it's an 'Oh, yes - 18:30'
And - 'Pick up Cricket Kit from the Gym.'

Saturday 26 November:

Invitation for 10 to Cathy's Birthday Party at Epi at 19:00. Rendezvous in Block 347, drinks and meal. Oh, it's a Mess Casino Night.

2 December:

Buccaneer Detachment Christmas Party. At the Hotel in Limasol.

16 December:

Christmas Draw at Episkopi.

18 December:

Mince Pie Contest.

I think there was some flying in between times (but not much).

25 October:

All bring 5 Cypriot Pounds for Willie's (that's Willie Steele) holiday Squadron Fund.

So that gives you a little bit of a hint of what was going on.

27 October:

Another visit by the Royal Corps of Transport.

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