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‘Two/Six’ Launched

Sid Jefford’s memoirs of his time on 208 Sqn during a large part of The Second World War constitute a wonderful collection of impressions and experiences as felt by a hardworking, humorous and genial ground crew engineer.
Click here to read a review of ‘Two/Six’ in the Association’s Bibliography, including where to purchase this remarkable account.

100 years ago in Sep 1922, 208 Sqn found itself spearheading what today would be termed an Air Expeditionary Wing at San Stefano near Constantinople in Turkey.

Click HERE to read Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork’s account of the episode.

Chanak Crisis - 100 Years Ago

80 years ago, on 23-24 Oct 42, Lt Gen Bernard Montgomery launched his famous attack, in what became known as the Battle of El-Alamein.

Click here to read Graham Pitchfork’s account of one of 208 Squadron’s finest actions.

El Alamein - 80th Anniversary

The 2022 Reunion of the Naval Eight / 208 Squadron Association was held in the beautiful surroundings of the Coombe Abbey Hotel near Coventry on Sat 22 October 2022.

Click here to read a full account of the Lunch.

2022 Reunion Lunch

22 May 23 marked the 75th anniversary of the world’s last piston-engined air combat, in which Spitfires of 208 Sqn shot down 4 Egyptian Spitfires.
Click here to read Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork’s historical account of the engagement.

The Last Piston Air Combat

Robert Alexander Little is generally regarded as the most successful Australian flying ace, with an official tally of 47 victories. 27 May 2023 marked the 105th Anniversary of his death at the age of only 22.
Click here to read a history of one of WWI and 208’s greatest pilots.

Robert Alexander Little

The 2023 Edition of the Association’s Newsletter is a 16-page full-colour edition, which focuses on the Hawk era and contains articles on the 100 Sortie Day, Single-seat Hunter Flying in the 1980s, the Introduction of the Spitfire to the Squadron in 1943 and the RAF’s ‘Blonde Bombshell’. It also contains details of the 2023 Reunion.
Click HERE to read a PDF copy of the Newsletter.

2023 Newsletter Published

17 July 2023 marked the 65th Anniversary of the deployment of Hunters of 208 Sqn to Amman to provide air support in the protection of King Hussein and the Government of Jordan. Click HERE to read a synopsis of the deployment, with galleries of photos.

Op Fortitude - Jordan 1958

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