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…... at Lossiemouth.  I ensured my bag was on my aircraft but was slightly concerned since my pilot was the ‘Cowden Bomber’!  On the return flight we ‘visited’ all the Buccaneer haunts, which included Leauchars, Spadeadam, Cowden, Brough, Binbrook, Wainfleet and Coningsby.  As we approached the northern entry point on the Norfolk coast, the cloud came down and my final flypast of Honington, which had been my home since 1969, ended with a GCA, a cloud break at 200 feet and a cup of tea served

on a silver salver by the Adj – the C-in-C had just banned alcoholic farewells!

After the usual round of farewells and parties, the most exhilarating period of my 36 years RAF service came to an end on 4 December 1981 when I handed over to Ben Laite (34).  As I did on that dark day almost 30 years ago, so I do again and pass the baton to Ben who will resume the deeds of the Buccaneer Chapter at the next Reunion Dinner and edition of the Newsletter.

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Graham Pitchfork

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