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artists and future detachments were soon reminded of the squadron’s presence. After one unforgettable party near the Carbonara beach, the infamous ‘More Wine’ party, which resulted in the local priest asking us to lower the volume of our celebrations as he conducted Sunday mass, our artist left an appropriate reminder of how we felt the following morning! (19). During my

time as the CO, the squadron was blessed with some outstanding flight commanders and our immensely talented line-book artist, Corporal Law, captured the mood during the annual ‘Wheel of the Year’ beauty contest.  It was a close-run contest between Robwina (OC A), Jessie (OC B), Bobbie (Trg Off), Rosy (Nav Ldr) and Terri (Wpns Ldr) with the statuesque and moustachioed Robwina a narrow winner (20). After an intensive work-up period at Lossiemouth, it was back to Red Flag in February 1980. (21) Sadly, a day before 208 was due to take over the aircraft of the RAFG detachment, a Buccaneer had a fatigue failure in the starboard wing and we lost two of our Germany chums in the resulting crash (22). Our time in Las Vegas was both sad and frustrating as we waited for a decision on the future of the Buccaneer.  In the event, the aircraft was to be grounded for four months but it was a couple of weeks before this decision was made.  In the meantime, we enjoyed the delights of Vegas and explored wide tracts of the western USA including the ski slopes where the Brits lack of sartorial elegance – we wore flying suits and cloth caps – raised the eyebrows of the local beauties.  Needless to say, no-one scored on that mission (23). On our return to UK, 208 became a Hunter squadron once again with two F6As ‘borrowed’(24) from Brawdy and four T 7s acquired from various sources, including the OCU much to their annoyance.  We had some great flying and everyone was able to keep their hand in. It was particularly gratifying for me since I became the only navigator (25) ever to command a Hunter squadron! Many of the squadron’s navs were able to display their


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