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Ian Craig-In Memoriam (2)

…... instigation, I was invited by Sir Geoffrey Bromet to join the Association Committee. It was a proud moment and from that time on, Ian and I began to work closer and closer together. In 1976, I succeeded him as Honorary Secretary. I promise you, that was a hard act to follow, though we worked together on the 60th Anniversary Reunion at Honington.

When I handed over the secretaryship to Mike Bradley in 1986, I was elected a Vice-President and the first to shake my hand was Ian. I continued to edit and produce the Newsletter and right up to last year, it bore the consequence and careful guidance of Ian’s proof-reading. He was always meticulous and never personal in his critical comments and corrections. I can do no better than describe Ian as he once described me to someone else: “We’re chums”. He’ll be my chum for a long time yet.

Wing Commander Neil Meadows, OC 208 between 2001 and 2003, met Ian Craig at the Spring Committee Meeting at which he was discussing the development of the educational Wall Board project. Ian was immediately and generously supportive, offering advice and insight into some of the historic photographs that were being proposed for use. One particular shot of Squadron Leader John Granville-White and some of his pilots at Tangmere during the conversion to the Hunter, was of particular interest for development into an inspirational quotation to inspire the young trainee pilots of the day. In yet another example of Ian’s unremitting altruism, he wrote to Wing Commander Meadows to identify all those in the photograph including, of course, himself on the left. There can perhaps be no more fitting epitaph to Ian Craig’s enduring spirit than the words of the quotation below.

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