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Reminiscences of a
208 Squadron Electrician

Doing guard duty about once a week at RAF Nicosia. The issue of tropical kit at RAF Tangmere, then we had a fashion show. Flt Lt Sheppard coming into the electrical section and asking what spares we would need for 1, 2 and 3 month detachments. Later we found out why. A very early call out. A long wait at the dispersal, then boarding Hastings and Beverleys for the trip to Jordan, once Israel had given us permission to over fly its air space. We arrived in Amman, a rifle in one hand and a suitcase in the other. Not having a clue what to do with compo rations. Our makeshift kitchen where the electricians and armourers cooked for the Squadron. Dave Dorward driving the King's Mini. Ray Herrington stabbing an Arab hand that came under the wall of the tent.

Above: The Flightine at Nicosia.

The day the CO came into land with his port wheel locked up. The boring Sunday afternoon when the duty crew sprayed all the tool boxes in bright colours. The Engineering Officer certifying an aircraft fit to fly after sticking sellotape over cracks in an aileron. Flt Lt King was unable to show King Hussein live air to ground firing because he couldn't get his wheels up. Sundays out with families to Kyrenia or Famagusta where it was too hot to walk barefoot on the sand. A cool trip to the mountains. The joys of KEO and Kebabs in Metaxas Square, Nicosia. The day the Squadron was grounded when someone filled the paraffin stove with petrol and set fire to the 700 office. It was a bit of a panic. The day a Chipmunk aircraft with a length of telephone cable and an insulator snagged around its wheels flew passed Nicosia control tower for a damage inspection, and in doing so managed to hit the tailplanes of all our aircraft parked on the line. Going up the coast with Flt Lt Melaniphy to a bombing range where we set up a large canvas target of a tank. All afternoon the Fleet Air Arm attacked the target with rockets from Seahawks. When we took the target down at the end of the day there wasn't a single hole in it.

The BBQ at Fisherman's Cove, Akrotiri. The punch the aircrew made. It must have had Avpin (Starter Fuel) in it. It was a good night. The SWO at RAF Nicosia who went into orbit when one of our 3 ton trucks broke down. We all got out wearing flip-flops and shorts. Nobody was in uniform. Two SPs who when driving through our dispersal arrested two of our lads for being improperly dressed. They took them to the CO. He certainly gave the SPs a blasting. They left with very red faces. Flt Lt Sheppard, early one Sunday morning, giving a fantastic flying display in a Meteor, climbing vertically then closing the throttles and cartwheeling the aircraft. At Akrotiri, the whole Squadron was up and came in across the airfield playing follow my leader. Another fantastic flying display. "Moose" David helping the armourers to belt up with painted ammunition ready for air to air firing. In Amman, Don Brimms crushing his bone dome by using it as a chock when trying to stop a runaway aircraft.


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