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The Hunter Anecdotal History comprises a collection of articles, photographs and videos, plus the presentations by Tim Webb and Sir Mike Stear to the Annual Reunion Dinners in 2008 & 2009, including a soldier’s view of the Radfan Operation. Click on the photos below to access these anecdotes.

In this presentation, Tim Webb describes the period 1958 to 1965, from the formation of the first Hunter Squadron, through its time at Nicosia, Embakasi, Khormaksar and Muharraq, including Operation NUTCRACKER in the Radfan area. Dave Gill provides a groundcrew view of the deployment to Amman.

Sir Mike Stear takes up the Hunter story from 1965 until 1971, including the 50th Anniversary celebrations and the Squadron's departure from Bahrain and the Middle East (and its thankfully, temporary, disbandment).

In this section, Major Tim Cornwell, who was seconded to the Federal Regular Army from the British Army, gives an insight into the Army ground-level view of the Radfan Operation.

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In this section, there are 56 shorter features relating to the Hunter era from 1958 to 1971, including articles, photo galleries and videos, all gratefully received from individual Chapter members. Click on the photograph on the right to access 16 pages of these interesting personal recollections.