Bromet Trophy Winners

2015 - Flight Lieutenant P Kershaw

Flight Lieutenant Paddy Kershaw arrived on 208 Squadron in 2014. His convex back to type was well flown and he was selected for Tactical Weapons QFI training. He graduated as a B2 instructor seamlessly, and with the minimum of fuss. He soon found his feet as a TW QFI, mastering BFM and SAP, as well as being one of the Squadron’s lead pilots for CAS training, readily utilising his extensive front-line GR4 experience to best effect. Not satisfied with the standard of CAS employment on the Squadron, he took it upon himself to single-handedly improve how the Squadron does this, adding realism and relevance. He completed his B1 upgrade in less than the minimum required hours, performing exceptionally well during the test, which was flown with a very strict OC Exam Wing from HQ CFS. He is a consummate professional in all that he does. He is an accomplished and talented pilot instructor, and has an excellent instructional manner, which readily puts his students at ease. He has really excelled during his time on 208 Squadron, particularly in the last year, not only on the flying front, but also by either organising or playing a pivotal role in the numerous detachments, landaways and airshows that the Squadron has undertaken throughout the year. He remains well-liked by fellow staff and students alike, and is an outstanding team player. He also works hard to support and organise most, if not all, Squadron functions, and fully supports wider Squadron, and indeed Station life. He has also reinvigorated the Squadron’s previously all-but-non-existent social calendar. Put simply, he is one of the Squadron’s most accomplished trusted and reliable pilots, a great team player, and is always at the centre of 208 Squadron life.