Flight Sub-Lieutenant
A E Cuzner
Royal Naval Air Service

The Association is indebted to Garrett Cuzner, great-great-nephew of Albert Cuzner, for correcting the above letter concerning the fate of his grandfather, John Garrett Cuzner. He writes:

I have been doing some family research and I came across information on Albert Edward Cuzner. I would like to provide you with correct information regarding Albert's family (which is incorrectly noted in a typed letter on your website). Perhaps these corrections would be of help to others who are doing ancestry research.

Willard Cuzner was my great grandfather. Willard was the brother of Albert.  Willard had two sons: John Garrett Cuzner (commonly known as Garry) and Roy Edward Cuzner. John Garrett Cuzner was my grandfather. He had one son: Garry Douglas Cuzner (my father). Garry was born while his father (John Garrett Cuzner) was in Hong Kong fighting the Japanese invasion in 1941-42. John Garrett Cuzner was murdered there (not killed in action) and his murder was the basis for one of the first War Crimes trials involving Japan (the Hong Kong Veterans Assoc has more information on this). My Father's mother remarried after the death of John Garrett Cuzner and they had one son: Edward Lawrenson.

I thank-you and those who contribute to informing people about those who gave their lives for freedom. I have read with interest the information about Albert Cuzner as I had heard stories about him in my youth.

yours sincerely,

Garrett Cuzner